Ap English Drama Script

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What did you like about this script? I liked that this script presents such a severely psychologically damage character with the protagonist, Brent. I also enjoyed seeing the level at which Brent is still haunted by the terror his father bestowed upon him as a child continuously present throughout the narrative. Regardless of Brent’s determination to separate himself from his father and the abuse he grew up with, it is clear that Brent is still emotionally stunted even as an adult. I also liked watching Brent’s love for literature grow throughout the script, especially considering he started living in the woods when he was nine years old. Books become Brent’s life; they replace social interaction, human connection, the fundamentals of emotional…show more content…
On page 47, he explains that he is not a murderer because he gives his victims fair warning by “snapping the twig,” before he appears. Likewise, I liked Brent’s speech on page 61, which gives the audience an in-depth look at the way Brent sees the world, rather his disdain for society. Brent projects the fault onto his victims for their deaths due to their inability to detach themselves from material items and their overall lack of appreciation for the freedom they have to live and breath each second of each day to the fullest. The writer has done a good job with the psychological foundation of Brent’s character, but by the second act, it felt as though the writer loses sight of the character motivations. What do you think needs work? Around page 50, Brent and Sophie discuss judgment and responsibilities, which speaks to Brent’s perspective on those he hunts, but it does not speak to his actual character motivations. In this scene, the writer makes it seem as though Brent simply kills because he can and because people do not fear death every waking
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