Ap English Language And Poetry Comparison Essay

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In the age of Romanticism, using nature to express ones feelings was one thing that poets loved to do. Focusing on the “London” by William Blake and “Mutability” by P.B. Shelley, one will see the comparison of how both authors used nature and emotion to depict the situations and experiences that they saw during this time. But meanwhile, the emotion and comparison to nature is not always positive, neither is it always negative and in these two poems one can see the differences. Romanticism was a period of time in the 18th century where literary movements was such an ideal trend in Europe. For the most part romanticism was about individualism and human emotions and not so much about power of the hierarchy over the population. People used poetry a lot to express just how they felt about situations that was going on in their everyday lives. And many authors such as William Blake and P.B. Shelley used the comparison of nature and their surroundings to describe just what they wanted to express. The idea of nature and spirit went very hand in hand with one another and people who are romantic generally believe that men and women should be around warm and happy thoughts; things that were more positive rather than the opposite of that. Also a lot of times readers will see how…show more content…
Other poems such as “Mutability” by Shelley expressed how it was perfectly okay for humans to see change and how thoughts were always never going to be the same. But “London” by William Blake showed the anger and sadness of people through a high monarch. In both poems, nature and emotion was the element greatly used and it expressed the power of how things around humans can dramatically change their perspectives and their thoughts or eventually have the outmost effect on
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