Ap English Narrative Essay (Year 3050)

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I was excited that I couldn’t sleep. I paced around my room once, then twice, then a third time. I was thinking about what I was about to do tomorrow that would change history. My name and picture would be on magazines and online. I was going to the past. When I was done pacing, I went downstairs. Took some sleeping pills and automatically felt droopy. I made it to my bed and put on the covers and slept. Tomorrow was going to be a good day. This year was an innovative year. Inventors were in their prime. The year 3050 was a great year for United Americas, and I wanted to be apart of it. Our monarch was controlling our empire and requested a time machine. I volunteered to help with the building of it. The goal was to fix the pass to save lives.…show more content…
So I shot them with a freeze ray. That way I could be concentrated. If they would bother me I could be stuck in time I thought, so I kept on working. The past needed to be fixed. I finally finished my programming and safety checks, so I unfroze the news people. I apologized and they forgave me. All of United Americas wanted me to fix the World War Z. World War Z was the worst war of history. It caused famines, storms, explosions, and most drastically death. The world was counting on me to stop the start of this from the past. I was ready to launch, so I shooed off the news people. They prepared the cameras, but the light was blinding that they couldn’t see anything. They looked in amazement, while I was traveling in time. Traveling to the time of World War Z. Traveling to the used to be existing Afghanistan. I appeared in a cavern in Registan Desert, Afghanistan. Before I left my machine, I took some protection pills and grabbed my pill bag. I heard the sound of choppers. The woosh woosh woosh woosh of the chopper blades. The piercing sound of the powerful engine working. Then there was an explosion. The whole cavern shook and crumbled. It was a mujahideen chopper. This was the beginning of the communist
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