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I am called Yarrow, by those who know me. Allow me to enter my story for the record. Once every four years, the many nations of planet Foath send forth their greatest athletes to compete against each other in epic showdowns. Over the course of two weeks, the mighty athletes challenge one another in a multitude of events. This year, the XXXI Olympiad, King Adaleric has chosen me to represent my beloved nation of Soikoth in one of our most popular sports. The honor of being handpicked by my King is a high one, but the pressure to succeed is even higher. The Olympiad is unique in the sense that only one athlete in each event will stand victorious on the golden podium. All other competitors will perish. I, Yarrow, will represent Soikoth in the Dragon Dash. Against my competitors, we shall race our steeds to the top of Mount Buri, Foath's highest peak. Previously, there has been three heats for the Dragon Dash. I obviously managed to survive them all... so far. My hair has been singed off, almost completely, and I still smell of burnt flesh on certain parts of my body... all injuries inflected by the flames of my opponents' steeds.…show more content…
My dragon sustained a gaping tear in the membrane of her wing during the last Dash, but I was able to patch her up well enough. Although we are both in excruciating pain, we must push foward. Fortunately, I am a skilled rider, renowned in Soikoth, and have trained my steed, Kysa, to obey me at the slightest touch. Two other riders remain, hailing from the nations of Rhoille and Zelivia, respectively. The final heat is about to commence. Kysa and I are ready as ever. Farewell, and wish me

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