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ENG 101 DB Vocabulary Write a reflection on how plan on improving your vocabulary in this class or how you have done so in the past. Even though I am a mature learner, I take pride in working to improving myself. Since, I have been back in school I have made it a point to try and expand my vocabulary and improve my spelling. One tool that I use is the the thesaurus online. It is fast and easy and greatly helps when writing essays, research papers, etc. However, when I read the list GRE word lists, my head spun a little. Very few words on those lists are used in everyday conversation. I think it would be arcane for most as well as an aberration to arbitrarily incorporate them into a sentence. (OK… I admit, I had fun trying to fit these vocab words into a sentence… I am pretty sure, it was an epic-fail, but would love to hear what Professor Cline thinks!?) The last sentence in parenthesis is an example of…show more content…
The most obvious obstacle for using academic words’ is the social media culture we live in today. Everything 's abbreviations or acronyms: FYI, IDK, ICYMI, etc. However, one should be cared for using slang abbreviations and not confuse BTW with BTTW! (LOL) I had to use the Urban Dictionary to look the last one up. I assume most under 21 years are more familiar with the Urban Dictionary than webster 's dictionary. In addition, Twitter even has their own twitter dictionary guide. Even though, I personally don’t use much social media, I am guilty of speaking/ writing choppy; instead of full flowing sentences. In everyday speech, people to this as well. For academic purposes, I am constantly working on writing in clear concise sentences for my English/ Speech class. Ironically, when I am posting in some of my other classes I find myself getting lazy with my vocabulary and sentence
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