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Jenkins Speech Community "C, cum 'ere fa a sec." Yelled Greg from across the pond. Greg is my uncle, and he's a part of my speech community. He's the only one who hasn't yet started using "city slicker" language, or so he calls it. My speech community is unique because of my Uncle Greg. The Jenkins community is mostly chicken loving, coke and sweet tea drinking, outdoor loving people. They go to church every Sunday, work every Monday to Thursday, and hunt and fish every Friday and Saturday. The men go and climb in their tree stands or go sit in their folding chairs in the wee hours of the morning and wait for the great catch. Many people know when Greg is fishing for he has this one phrase: "Gotta grab the glowies and hook 'em." The glowies are glow worms, night crawlers or whatever you call them, and you get them and you put them on your hook for bait for the fish. When I go with him, he makes me get the worms. Which was difficult when I was little for I couldn’t get any. Until I turned ten and Greg trusted me with two screw drivers, jumper cables and a car battery. Not the ideal tools you…show more content…
He's stuck in his country roots and won’t budge to "convert to the city slicker ways". The funny thing is he can't say my name, it comes out "Sarah Jean" instead of "Ciara". Every time he sees me he always says, "Sarah Jean, whur yew ben at? Yew wuz dis weenie when eye lazt seen yew." or "Gimme sum lemme cat." And sadly when the rest of the family gets into Hardin County or LaRue county we get this dialect like Greg has. It’s rather annoying, but we have no control over it. Its like someone flips a light switvh on and here we go with our country roots ourselves talking almost like Greg, with our southern accent. Most people think that how we talk is fake, when actually, its natural. Have you ever went around a certain group and noticd that youre starting to sound like
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