Ap Euro Chapter 1 Essay

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(MIP-1) After the fall of rome there were issues (SIP-A) Poverty was common throughout europe (STEWE-1) A lot of the people were poor- without the good roads the trade fell apart so people survived by farming for themselves and if the weather was bad then they would starve without the food (Richardson). (STEWE-2) People suffered from diseases- they heavily relied on herbal medicine and lots of hope to survive (Richardson). (SIP-B) Without military there was nobody to protect the land (STEWE-1) They had to defend themselves from invasion, since there was no leader and nobody to rule or control the land and to protect it the nomadic tribes came and took peoples land (Richardson). (CS)Feudalism: Economy (MIP-1) The king had lords controlling parts of his lands. (SIP-A) As lords they were given things. (STEWE-1) With a fief they got knights to protect the land (Norman 103). (STEWE-2) The lord's wealth came from the food, rent, fines, and fees he collected from the peasants (Cels 18). (SIP-B) They also had responsibilities. (STEWE-1) They were also in charge of assisting the king when the king required it (Norman 103). (STEWE-2) The nobles took responsibility for parts of the land called fiefs (Norman 103). (CS) (MIP-2) Serfs were forced to do labor and weren’t given anything besides…show more content…
(SIP-A) they spent their life being ‘guarded’ by men. (STEWE-1)women spend most of their lives under the guardianship of a man (Gies and Gies)). (STEWE-2) they were under their father's guardianship until they wed and they are then under their husband till he or she dies(Gies and Gies)). (SIP-B) heiresses had to get permission for everything. (STEWE-1)the heirs need their lord's permission to get married and if they get married without permission then they lose their money (Gies and Gies)). (STEWE-2)a proposition was made about the importance of keeping the heiresses estate in the family being rather than giving to a man(Gies and Gies)).

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