Ap Euro Dbq Essay

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The time before the Renaissance was a time of darkness. During the middle ages there was nothing but disease and religion, which why it is known as the dark ages. The Middle Ages took place 500 CE to about 1350 and the primary players of Europe were the Catholic Church and the Pope. Reason why everyone was against each other and made everything confusing. But the Renaissance was the high peak of European history because that’s when art and literature started to evolve and then science started to finally come into the picture. When art began to form it was mostly about religion of course since that’s what mostly these people were about. The first picture in Document A was called Madonna Enthroned between Two angles by Duccio di Buoninsegna and was created during the late 13th century. As the painting…show more content…
The first picture was named The Geocentric Universe of Ptolemy by Claudius Ptolemy in 100 CE. He was a astronomer who was living in Alexandria, Egypt that believed the Sun would rotate the Earth. His theory involved him with stating Geocentric which means “Earth-centered” .Later around 1500, Nicolaus Copernicus had the theory The Heliocentric Universe of Copernicus. Instead of the sun rotated the Earth it was the other way around, he called this Heliocentric which means “Sun-centered”. But this was only the beginning of science. Document D starts to come out with a woodcut called “Zodiac Man” from a book by German astronomer Johann Regiomontanus during 1512, and a woodcut from anatomy book On the Makeup of the Human Body by Belgian physician Andreas Vesalius, 1543 (Doc D). The zodiac sign are the basses of the 12 constellations. It is believed that each sign of the Zodiac meant for a certain part of the body. Then later a man named Andreas Vesalius dissected a human corpses to figure it out more. That’s when they were starting to figure out the way of
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