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Having varying effects, imperialism approached nations differently and implemented different changes. Many desired the beneficial changes imperialism would bring, not only to them, but to the world as well. Still, others saw the devastation brought about by imperialism. Although imperialist powers focused on benefits that were supposedly mutual and effective to both imperialists and their subjects, imperialism left a drastic, unfavorable footprint on the face of colonized regions. It was commonly believed by imperialistic powers that their influence was incredibly beneficial to all those involved. Looking for wealth and power, imperialist nations sought to colonize and control regions that would theoretically benefit from this new rule. The…show more content…
Europe colonized Africa seeking mutual benefits of the European industry and supposedly of Africans as well. While before 1850, Europe only had control and access to a small percent of the African continent, European nations had gained control of most of Africa and had access to most of its resources and markets by 1914 (Doc 6). This displayed an entirely new opportunity for European nations to gain much wealth and power from new resources and customers. As for the Africans, before the arrival of Europe, war, human sacrifice, witch doctors, and slave-trade among African natives were common. Believed to be savages, Africans had much to appreciate from learning the European conduct of justice and humanity, according to imperialists. African communities were also educated in industry and political affairs (Doc 3). They received simpler methods of agriculture that helped them gain a surplus of products and comfortable living standards (Doc 2). Powerful nations prided themselves in these benefits they had brought to previously savage…show more content…
Colonized felt emptied of their culture and personal humanity. Stripped of human rights and liberties, colonized people were reduced to savages in need of civilization when, in reality, colonized regions had developed unique traditions and communities. Under imperial rule, colonized communities drowned in the culture of the nation they were under. Often, the religions and methods of an imperialist power were forced upon colonized communities while the traditional religions and beliefs of conquered peoples were desperately suppressed, for they were seen as savage and trivial. By 1914, only Ethiopia and Liberia remained free from colonial rule and its damage in Africa (Doc 6). Those under European rule saw imperialists as rapacious exploiters. The demands and needs of Africans were not addressed by their ruling nation. Instead, their rights, liberties, and dignity were stripped to feed the greedy mouth of imperialist rule. Africans could not find the supposed benefits brought by Europeans to be worth the loss of their life and freedom. Left with no dignity or cultural identity, colonized people did not have the means to walk forward with pride (Doc

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