Ap European Renaissance

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The Renaissance was a rebirth of literature and arts in Europe from the 1300s to the 1700s. This was after the Black Death had spread and made a decline in art and about two thirds of Europe’s population. It was the period of history after the Crusades and the Middle Ages. Education, history, art, science, popular imagination, and culture influenced the Renaissance. There were changes in thinking during the Renaissance. New ideas in art, mathematics, astronomy, politics, literature, science, philosophy, and religion were developed and advanced. Even though Europe was going through a harsh time in the beginning of the Renaissance, it was the rebirth of art, education, and culture for Europe. Europe was going through a harsh time in the beginning…show more content…
The period of time after the Crusades and Black Death was known as the Proto-Renaissance. Proto-Renaissance started in the late 13th century to early 14th (“Renaissance art.”). This was the initial Renaissance and started realistic art. Giotto di Bondone created a new vivid style that has clear simple structure and is realistic. Many were inspired by him to create work of the new genre and be just like him. Some scholars look at the Renaissance as a unique period of history and not just a rebirth after the darkness of the Middle Ages (“Renaissance: Influence and Interpretations.”). In the 1500s, the Protestant Reformation influenced the perspective of people 's thoughts about the Renaissance. The Protestant Reformation was the 16th-century religious, political, intellectual and cultural upheaval that splintered Catholic Europe, setting in place the structures and beliefs that would define the continent in the modern era. Scholars had different perspectives on what the Renaissance was and what it wasn’t. This sparked the Renaissance and it was the rebirth of European art, education, and culture. The Renaissance was a time of rebirth…show more content…
The Proto-Renaissance brought Europe away from darkness as a rebirth and started the flare up of art. Artists were known as Renaissance people because they were well educated in many different fields of study. Artists then used science, math, and culture to make art more realistic. Artists used anatomy for modern portraits to look realistic. Math was used to work out the rules of linear perspective. People painted pictures of daily culture with those other inputs and made many others interested in Renaissance art. As artists inspired others, there became many more genres of art after humanism, perspective, and classical antiquity. One genre of art that emerged after was proportion, which was from using math and making sure each side is equal. Art kept spreading and evolving into different genres from then and became a big part
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