Ap Human Geography Al Qassim

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Al-Qassim is a territory that has a lot of cities and villages. It is located in the middle of Saudi Arabia and surrounded by desert from all directions. It requires four hours driving to reach the capital city Riyadh. Its weather is inflexible as it is hot in the summer and dusty, cold in the winter and rainy, it could be describing freezing. Half of the territory’s land is agricultural land as it has an abundance of underground water; there are many palms wherever you looked. The capital city in this territory is Buraidah. It is a major city in Qassim and there are some other small towns and villages as well as my hometown Ar-Rass, which is one of them.
More towards the geographical distribution of the region, it is in the central to the Kingdom; specifically it is north-west to Riyadh. The region on its north has the
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It lies in the southwest of Buraidah and north of the capital Riyadh. It has some infrastructural facilities such as a police station, court, and one hospital. Moreover, some clinics cover some of the hospital sections like clinic dental and birth. In addition, it has a financial ministry and a post office. The educational system is not strong because we only have two colleges. One college is for the medical majors, the other is for computer and business majors, but the high schools and the elementary schools are more in numerous.
They are friendly, cooperative and watch out for themselves. Some accept the changes in the world and try to keep up with it, but some do not, particularly, old ages. The new generation differs from old ones in the way of thinking that they are open-mind. People of my town love their town and they try hard to make it a better place to live in. Even more, in the king Faisal period, it changed a lot as there was nothing but dust with fewer houses and farms. People of my town had to travel many miles to reach the nearest educational

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