Ap Human Geography Chapter 1 Summary

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1. Summary of Book:
a. Reducing coastal risk on the East and Guft coast The increasing of hurricane and coastal storm along the East and Guft coasts in United State has been affecting the economy and the communication. The U.S National Research Council was created by National Academy of Science by 1916. The Council has played an important role in science and technology to deal with climate change impacts. The federal government and states have come up with so many solutions to reduce the consequences of climate change such as beach nourishment, restoration and increase the natural areas. The hurricane Sandy in 2012 and Katrina 2005 caused serious damage to people and properties. Due to the rising risk of hurricane and storm, they
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Magazines and Newspapers
a. Broder, John M. “Climate Change Seen As Threat to U.S. Security.” The New York Times, August 8, 2009. Last modified August 8, 2009. Accessed November 5, 2015. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/09/science/earth/09climate.html?_r=0 Melting glaciers is the cause of global warming leading to floods, diseases and human health. The rate of migration and uneven of the economy has been increasing because of climate change. This will create the different of region and culture but also controversy and terrorists will take advantage of migration to put U.S security at risk of being attacked. An example of religious conflict and the spreading out of contagious diseases is the floods in Bangladesh have sent hundreds of thousands of refugees to India. In United State, hurricane Andrew in Florida (1992) destroyed the Home State Air Force Base and caused $26 billion damage cost. In 2006, another hurricane called Ivan ruined the Naval Air Station Pensacola. Climate change is not only a threat to human being, but it’s also a threat to the United State security. If the military bases get damaged by hurricanes, storms and the refugee crisis is getting more complicated, this will put our country in the risk of being attacked by
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