Ap Human Geography Chapter 25 Analysis

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In part six, I thought there was a lot of good information spread out in all of the chapters. The biggest thing that stood out to me were in chapter 25. I enjoyed the first sections that were expressed. I enjoyed the idea about how Jesus recruits heroes to join him in critiquing theocapitalism. I think this means that he reaches out to people who are going to attempt to make the kingdom grow. The four laws I thought were really interesting to process through. They had so many different concepts. The one thing I enjoyed was the first law and how it said that God does not think the economy is a bad thing. Even though so many times people will think God’s opinion is a certain way, however, we do not know how God truly feels. Along with this and the idea on how Jesus recruits people to help the kingdom grow was that he wants for us to step out of our comfort zone. In my life recently, I have been focused on this idea of doing things we do not necessarily want to do, but we need to do. In order for us to experience a complete life change, we need to do things that make us feel uncomfortable. We must have faith that if God puts us in something that he…show more content…
There are so many times when we do not know what is going on or we do not fully understand where our money is going to. For example, the US invested in war in Iraq and they spent over 200 billion dollars. McLauren had such a good point in the book were he said the war’s cost could have taken care of the world’s poor for five years. When I processed through this idea, I could not imagine how much different our world would be if we took some of our focus off of the wars and put more of our wealth into our own country. I know war is inevitable, but I think the US needs to think of other things to do before we jump to having a war with another country. There are so many desperate people in the world who do need the
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