Ap Human Geography Mongolia Essay

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Human Geography People, Place, and Culture written by Blij, Fouberg, and Murphy define development as, “progress, and in the modern world progress usually means improvements in technology and production, as well as improvements in the social and economic welfare of people”. Development is measured by grow national product (GNP), gross domestic product (GDP), gross national income (GNI), and per capita GNI. When researching the development of a country, industrialization needs to be addressed, since it is a direct correlation of development. Barron’s AP Human Geography 6th Edition book by Alagona, Marsh, and Peter define industrialization generally as, “…countries evolving economically from producing, basic, primary goods, to using modern factories for mass-producing goods”. Finally, human development index, is an indicator of both the development, and industrialization of a country. Mongolia’s GNP, which is the total earnings of all services and products produced in and outside the country annually, was approximately twenty five …show more content…

Mongolia’s human development index ranks 90; this is low, but still higher compared to other developing countries. Human development index (HDI), can indicate a country’s development, industrialization, and welfare of people. Variables that contribute to Mongolia’s HDI are, health, employment, mobilitycommunications, infrastructure, etc. Mongolia is steadily advancing its aspects concerning HDI, and it should be noted that its slower growth is due to a low population, and lack of natural resources. Lastly, Mongols have migrated from rural areas where many were nomadic to urban areas, thus Mongolia’s primary industries were lost, and this created an unbalanced shift of industries. GNP, GDP, GNI, and HDI, are all useful measurements to define a country’s status concerning development/industrialization in conjunction with all of the contexts (physical environment, population, etc.) of a country (Human Development

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