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As a former AP Lang student, I feel that this class has been very beneficial for me in that it has allowed me to apply the techniques and strategies I learned last year toward more relevant subjects. Having the freedom of choosing topics to write about for our various essays made this class more enjoyable than the other English classes that I have taken. AP Lang focused heavily on the techniques of writing solid essays, but instead of writing about useful topics, we analyzed the short stories provided on the exams. Writing a personal narrative essay was very helpful in my college application process and allowed me to employ the same kind of strategies that I learned in class into my college essays. Likewise, creating a cover letter taught me many useful strategies that I will definitely put to use when it comes time for me to submit an official cover letter to a company. One of the biggest things that I have learned from taking this course is that good content is more important than sophistication. Both are very important in essay writing, but it is more important to have clear content and material so that the audience can understand your position. Last year, I always seemed to lose points on essays for not having sophisticated enough prose, so I came into this class under the impression that the most important things in a …show more content…

In my argument essay, I tried to voice a strong opinion, but fell short. Although our process analysis essays and cover letters haven’t been graded yet, I believe that I portrayed a more confident tone and style in those than I did in my argument essay. While writing those particular essays, I focused more on meeting the requirements sufficiently and voicing my opinion effectively. I believe that gaining this kind of insight on essay-writing is a reflection of improvement in my writing skills and overall

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