Ap Language Reflection

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To me, the third quarter was a strong, successful bounce-back quarter for in AP Language and Composition. Although, as of now, my grade is around the same as it was during the second quarter and first semester, I feel that my body of work is much stronger than it has been, as those two previous grades were inflated a little from the summative grades. The last time I wrote to you, I identified some flaws in my learning that had developed throughout the semester that I had to correct if I wanted to finish the school year strong. I believe that I’ve fixed those issues for the most part and ready to hit the ground running the final quarter. It has become easier for me to seek out problems and how to solve them, specifically when I’m doing assignments such as the timed writings in class. I’ve become more comfortable with each writing methods and I’ve become better at structuring my writings to have a better chance at…show more content…
I continued to come prepared to class. I’d always have a Chromebook, a notebook, and a writing utensil on me, along with any book that we were reading and a completed homework assignment. I strived to hold myself accountable and get all assignments done on-time using the time allotted to me. I also made myself responsible for my own success, by putting in more time that I ever have this year, whether it was going to the practice AP test on Saturday morning and getting things completed at home. I tried to focus on the quality of my work, getting it done a few days ahead of the due date so I’d have plenty of time to revise it before I turned it in the first time. Something else that I also used more this quarter was the TurnItIn peer reviews. That probably helped me more than anything when doing my portfolio revisions. I had some great reviewers this quarter and was able to take their feedback and put it into my
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