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Here’s the deal: I ended up taking AP Music Theory over Organic Chemistry my senior year of high school. Did people tell me that was wrong to do because I want a career involving chemistry? Yes. Do I regret it? Absolutely not. AP Music Theory was taught by one of my favorite teachers. I’ve had him for three years, and he always pushes students every year to sign up for the class. Even if it didn’t fit into your schedule, he just needed enough people to show interest in the class. In other words, fifty people could sign up for the class, but if only five people end up fitting it in their schedule, it’d still be considered a class for that year. I signed up for it my senior year, along with Organic Chemistry, and I only ended up in one of the classes. I went in to see my counselor over the summer to see if there was any way I could enroll in both. Turns out, both classes ran…show more content…
I had no idea what I was getting myself into until we were given one of our first assignments; we had to do a history report on a music phenomenon that occurred in the Dark Ages. I was surprised. The last thing I was expecting to do in that class was to give a Powerpoint presentation. Many of the topics that we could report on had nothing to do with music. It didn’t make any sense. I ended up doing my report on Notre Dame anyway, and while researching the topic, I started to fall in love with the assignment. Listening to the other reports somehow made it easier for me to understand the evolution of music; it made it easier to understand why music is the way it is now, and where theory comes from. After that, I began to do something that I’ve never done before: accept anything and everything a teacher throws at me. If a teacher assigned something that I thought was “pointless”, I wouldn’t put much time and effort into it. But that was the first time I wanted to dig deeper after the assignment. It made me excited to

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