Ap Psychology Baseline Intervention

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There is visual significance to the intervention. During the baseline period of the project the data trends to be stable and flat for the most part, yet increased towards the end of the week. The intervention period started on day eight and showed a decline in the target behavior, with the exception of an increase on the final day, day fourteen. I anticipated the increase, since this was the day before my flight back home from Florida and I was worried about making everything fit into my suitcase without it being over the weight limit because I was coming back with more items than I originally went down with. According to the data, the intervention phase was successful because my target was reduced to feeling stressed less than three times a day. The baseline mean of frequency of …show more content…

Once the intervention was implemented, the data declined and was stable. Since the data points did not begin to decline until the intervention was implemented, this means that visual significance was achieved. As stated previously, success to me would be if the magnitude of my average stress for the day was no stress (0) or little stress (1), on average. The baseline mean is 3.14 and the intervention mean is 1.14; therefore, clinical significance was not reached. This means that the intervention did not produce evidence that the intervention is beneficial to decreasing my stress according to my definition. Statistical significance was achieved because the mean was below the standard deviation section, along with five data points. Since the study lacks clinical significance, yet shows statistical significance, the intervention is not realistic for me, even though it may be working and may simply be due to chance. Even though the intervention lacks clinical significance, I am happy with my results because it close to my

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