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Case Study: Charlie Sheen Addiction is multi-layered, curable disease that disturbs an individual’s brain function and behavior; that alters the chemical in one’s communication system, in addition, interferes with the normal process of the neurons in sending, receiving, and processing information, resulting in a change that continue long after drug usage has stopped (Miller, Forcehimes, & Zweben, 2011). This report will explore Charlie Sheen’s long-standing history with drugs and alcohol, criminal background, sexual behaviors, with the help of models of dependency Why did I choose Charlie Sheen? Mr. Sheen life has been disturbed since childhood and was sober for 11 years before returning to drugs and alcohol to anxiety and fear after learning of HIV diagnosis. Mr. Sheen behavior has ruined his career with the television series Two and a Half Men (Lorre et al., 2003) causing his hypo-manic meltdown. Factual he has had several aberrant incidents along the way, but he seemed to have battered…show more content…
In 1996 Sheen charged with assaulting his girlfriend, later plead no contest and received a suspended sentence and two years’ probation (Korba, 2015). 1998, Mr. Sheen experienced a stroke after overindulging while using cocaine and was hospitalized ("The Free Library," 2014). Additionally, Charlie’s father, Martin is a recovering alcoholic; that has spoken about Charlie as a successful 12-step devotee. Furthermore, there has been times Mr. Sheen checked himself into the rehab and attended 12-meetings dating back 1990 (Korba, 2015). According to Korba (2015) Charlies has reported, being a major celebrity can work against getting effective treatment for problems of the sort. Mr. Sheen also has exotic sexual appetites; there are recordings of Charlie spending 50,000-plus on ladies of the night (prostitutes) (Korba,

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