Ap Psychology Case Study Examples

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Charlie is a 15-year-old Caucasian boy who is a freshman in high school. Charlie lives with his mother, father, and older sister. At school, Charlie deals with bullies, bad influences, and depression. He does not describe having very many friends at his school with exception to his two new friends that he recently met. Charlie reports both, feelings of happiness and sadness at the same time. He may often be viewed as a loner, quiet, and sensitive. He is intelligent and does well academically in school. Charlie battles with three traumatic events that have had a drastic impact on his life; the suicidal death of his only friend in middle school, molestation in his early childhood at the hand of his Aunt Helen, and the accidental death of his Aunt Helen as a child. Charlie currently experiences flashbacks and…show more content…
Scents, sounds, images, and physical sensations from your environment are taken in and processed in the thalamus. The thalamus is the area of the brain that is responsible for taking all of your sensory responses and blending them together into coherent, logical experiences. Next, these sensations travel to two directions to an area of your brain called the amygdala, on to your unconscious mind, up to your frontal lobe, and finally, it reaches your conscious awareness. The amygdala job is to determine if incoming information is necessary for survival. In cases when processing in the thalamus breaks down sensory responses are converted into isolated codes in your brain, dissociated fragments, and disintegrated memory processing happens. At this point time seems to stop, and the danger feels
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