Ap Psychology Case Study

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Mr. Summers is a 26 year old male who presented to the ED with his girlfriend Sydney after driving his car through his neighbor 's yards. He informs ED staff of being told about this incident by his girlfriend. Mr. Summers reports being unaware of his actions. He acknowledge seeing a mental health specialties while in his stay in prison 5 years ago for mild depression. Dr. Snyder requested an assessment to determine the appropriate need for care. At the time of the assessment Mr. Summers is calm and cooperative. He appears guarded, however opens up as the assessment went on. Mr. Summers denies current suicidal ideation, homicidal ideation, and symptoms of psychosis. Furthermore, also he denies any history of intentional self harm. Mr. Summers reports he remembers last night having an argument with his girlfriend then becoming angry. He expressed a history of "blacking out" when he gets angry and attempting off of impulse. When confronted about thoughts of harming others, he informs this clinician he meant he dislikes it when he feels people appear to be having a attitudes. Mr. Summers states, " ' I 'm calm now, but I don 't know when someone may make me mad." Mr.…show more content…
According to Mr. Summers most recent UDS he tested positive for marijuana and benzos. He admits to taking a un-prescribe Xanax around 7 last night last night to cope with increased anxiety. M. Summers reports smoking marijuana to frequently as a stress reliever. He denies any other drug use.

This information was reviewed with Dr. Ryan Snyder, P.A. Brent Cook, and Howard McQuirter, LCSW. They shared the disposition that the patient should be discharged pending his agreeing to follow up with outpatient services. Patient has agreed to follow up with outpatient services as recommended. The patient 's family member has been contacted and made aware of the plans concerning the patient. Patient contracted for safety, was given outpatient referral information, and completed a crisis plan;.
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