Ap Psychology Personal Statement Examples

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At the age of five my one-year-old sister had a stroke, it took many months for research aids to diagnose her. She has a rare disease called Fibro-Muscular Displeasure, which caused her arteries to be very small causing blockage to the brain. Because of this my mother had to be in the hospital for 9 months alongside her. During this time I felt as if I didn’t have a mother and I resented my sister for taking her away from me. As I grew older I realized that she needed my parents’ attention more than I did and maybe if I had a psychologist to talk to, I would have been able to get through that difficult time in my life.
My interest in psychology led me to seek a job at Applied Behavioral
Intervention (ABI), where I started working with a child who had autism. I saw firsthand the effects of attitudes and behaviors and how they can impact a situation. This was eye opening and mind blowing. This made me have a greater appreciation for all that my psychology classes were trying to teach me. Special services are required for jobs like these. You can’t just hire anybody. It requires training and management skills. I could see how the understanding of human behavior played a significant role in having a sustainable business for the owner, and in providing the best services for the client. …show more content…

I now have such respect for all the women who were supporting our Nation during WWII. As the men were called to represent their country the women who were usually at home were called to sustain the factory jobs. I often wondered, how did they adapt so quickly to a field to which there was no prior training? This question made me think about how beneficial it would have been to have an I/O Psychologist during this period to help the women

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