Ap Us History Chapter 1 Questions And Answers

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Sandra Nava-Martinez P.5 Chapter 2 questions Section 1: 1. The conquistadors came to the Americas to continue the tradition that is “God, Gold, and, Glory.” They wanted to get all the riches that were on the land that they were conquering. Along with this they wanted to teach the people that were on the land about their religious views, and they wanted the glory that they would receive when they returned to their home. 2.The cortes’ conquered the Aztecs by knowing that the native americans that lived in that area hates the Aztecs. Cortes got help from a native american princess whose name was Dona Marina and together they got the help of thousands Native Americans and defeated Tenochtitlan. 3.The spaniards insured the well being of the native americans ud if they …show more content…

The Spanish built presidios’ in North America because they wanted to be able to spread their religion and the more of these that there were the easier it was to spread. 5. The cause was that some Native Americans refused to listen to the Spanish when they were trying to teach them, the effects of this was the Pueblo Revolt in 1680 when the people from Pueblo teamed up and fought against the Spanish, they destroyed churches, and killed priests, soldiers, and colonists from Spain. Almost getting rid of anything that had to do with Europe. 6. People didn't know what the Americas were really like and exaggerated a lot of things. They might have said that the people were there where uncultured, or the may have said that there were a lot of riches etc. Because of this the people treated the Natives as though they were uncultured, and because the people who returned said there was gold or silver or anything else, they were in search for specifically that. 7. The spanish believed that it was just for them to try to spread their religion to everyone, therefore they conquered anyone who didn't believe the same things as them and tried to teach the people there how to believe in God the “right”

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