Ap Us History Dbq Answers

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1.Page 11 notes,”Jeffersons plan for freeing his own slaves included an interim educational period in which they would have been half-taught, half-compelled to support themselves on rented land; for without guidance and preparation for self support, he believed, slaves could not be expected to become fit members of a republican society “. When I first red this a few questions popped up, why didn 't this plan ever follow through. I also would 've like to ask Jefferson what is his definition of fit and what requirements would have made a slave become a “fit” member of a republican society. Next on page 21, “We might go farther and say that it came without a decision. It came automatically as Virginians bought the cheapest labor they could get”. Everything you make is a decision. Whether you got up for school this morning or not was a decision you had to make. Buying labor is a decision Virginians had to make. Like modern day, most people buy the cheaper version of something. Slavering Negros didn 't not come automatically or without decision. Lastly, “ He attacked the Christian church not…show more content…
4. One law that intrigued me was the first law that appeared on the Virgina. An Act Concerning Servants and Slaves. Servants, who are christian and nineteen years of age, brought into the country without a contract must serve for a mandatory five years. Those servants who do not exceed the age of nineteen serve till they are twenty-four years of age. This shows that religion went hand and hand with indentured servitude. It indirectly tells the readers that potential indentured servitude owners were mostly likely christian. This helps reveal to the authors the main goal of the system, to convert more people to christianity. The indentured servitude system was well thought out. Not only were owners paying their servants very little to do their work for them, but they were continuously building the christian faith “army”. Which would eventually result in more people on their
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