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The primarily focus of this paper is to address the studies of the African-American views, conflict, and treatments from the Southern states following The Civil War. Documents include “Black Codes of the State of Mississippi” and the “Address of the Colored Convention to the People of Alabama”. These documents provide shaped rules, laws, and statutes for black society among whites. Between the years of, 1865 and 1867, both Alabama and Mississippi took action and state their thoughts towards the end of slavery in the United States. Firstly, from the listed documents above, “Black Codes of the State of Mississippi” is divided into four parts; Apprentice Law, Vagrancy Law, Civil Rights of Freedmen and Penal Codes. These laws were created by Mississippi, immediately after the American Civil War as a way to enforce and control the freedmen, negroes, and mulattoes. It hopes were to maintain white supremacy and provide cheap labor as feared that blacks would seek revenge for mistreatments. Ongoing, the “Address of the Colored Convention to the People of Alabama” states the…show more content…
The Mississippi’s black codes laws initially did replicate slavery, which of course is oppose to the Civil Rights. Documentation states, that African American were forbidden to use insulting gestures, nor could they own a gun nor preach the Gospel without first receiving a license. Children of color were then forced as “apprentices” until the age of eighteen. Furthermore, the “Address of the Colored Convention to the People of Alabama” shows the suffering and sacrifices, tramped upon the rights, and lack of trust in the Union for the African American’s future. They are anything but convinced that the right granted would be carried out. Ongoing, they rejected the privilege to vote if their votes are the only need of them, while insults and hatred against them by the majority (whites) continued, including opposing
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