Ap World History Dbq Analysis

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The people of Mesoamerican had many talents that for that time were very advanced. They used many tools to live but there most valuable tool was there brain. The people knew exactly how to survive due to trying to survive.
In document 1,5, and 7 they showed us how they farmed, planted, got water to wear they need to get to. The 5th document tells us that they had a irrigation system in there city-state so that they could supply everyone with water and help farmed grow crops. In the 7th document gives us a picture of how the planted and grew there crops with simple tools like a shovel and hands. This may be simple to use but it could have been very advance for what they had. The 1st document tells us a little plant that they grew and it explains to use that this was very use full to the Spanish men. If this was useful to the Spanish who had a lot of tools then think how useful that plant was to the Mesoamerican people.
In document 2 and some of 3 they gives us how they fought and taught people they way to prepare for war . In the 2nd document they give us a scene where they were about to fight and how they got prepared physical and mentally for what was to come. They used
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In the rest of document 3 we see the rest of how they were taught to work not only as a warrior but as a regular family person they needed to support there family with a good meal. We see how other men went and made money but also the women worked for there families and made a profit of clothes or valuable things. In the 4th document we see a man the was a early astronomer that would make certain people valuable to his kingdom in Texcoco. Now in document 6 we see there laws and how they keep all information about there way of living. We can see that they had a system that keep everyone in place. This allowed everything to move smoothly in there
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