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Over a thousand years ago in the Mesoamerica region the culture that we know as Maya thrived. They had an amazement and intrigued fascination over the technical mastery of their intellectual studies. The Mayan’s history is rich with remarkable human achievements, as well as stories. Some of their most recognizable masterpieces are the Mayan trade network, building Cities, the Mayan number system, and the Mayan calendar. The Mayan Trade network was a series of trade routes that led the Mayan to success. The Mayans had nothing to help them with their burden other than their hands or a boat. The porters carried goods for 10 hours per day at a speed of a maximum of 3 miles per hours. Rotating relay teams were a benefit for porters carrying heavy loads. Their loads varied between 80 and 150 pounds. The Mayans…show more content…
The Mayan civilizations have been argued over by archaeologist on their urban civilization centers. The pre-conquest era left a monumental record in the populations of numerous cities. The organization of a large workforce named masonry architecture commanded political and craft specialization. The immense amount of construction and reconstruction involved a numerous amount of workers. By 1975 archaeologist catalogued more than 2,500 Mayan locations varying size and date with some stone construction. (Document B) The Mayan number system was not only strange but also unique. Nowadays most people use a number in which the value of each digit depends on its position within the number. The digit to the left stands for ones, and the digits to the right stands for tens etc. The Mayans were one of the first cultures for the idea of zero. The Mayans use a number ideology called the positional system. The positional system is based on 20’s as we are based on 10’s. In our decimal system we move to the left as where the Mayan vigesimal system moves the places upwards as they reach 20. (Document
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