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Europeans and Africans were close neighbors and allies, until the Europeans got lazy and greedy and jumped to the conclusion that if they to their loyal neighbors into slavery then all of their problems would be solved. In the mid- 15th century the Africans and Europeans broke their alliance as the Africans had been betrayed for money and labor. The Europeans got very greedy and sold their neighbors for a large amount of money, or used them for personal labor. During the middle passage the Africans were beaten and starved to death. The journey through the middle passage and the slave trade experience caused physical,emotional, and social pain among the captured Africans who were separated from family, treated with mounds of disrespect, and forced to make life changing delicious that could lead to brutal punishments.…show more content…
Africans were beaten and forced into situations where life threatening had to be made. "Africans often threw themselves and loved ones overboard a boat to die." (Document 2) Most Africans thought that this would fix all of their problems. "Africans are often chained together by their necks and forced to walk for miles without hesitation or they were killed in front of everyone on the spot." (Document 3) This must have been terrifying to think that you had to step foot in foot with those around you or you would be killed without hesitation. Both of these examples result in visible marks or deathly punishments. In conclusion Africans dealt with many different forms of pain when they were acting on impulse. They suffered socially with humiliation as they were viewed as animals and objects. They suffered emotionally with pained thoughts about loved ones and worried images of their lives. They suffered physically with brutal punishments that left twisted marks all over their body. The slave trade separated the Africans and their personalities. They acted like robots just to try and be perfect to keep from being

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