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Mihir Waykar P7 Ap World History Mrs.Fleming 01 08 2016 Research Essay Question: Compare the emergence of the Ottomans as a world power between 1450 and 1650 with that of the Spanish during the same period. In your opinion who did a better job of earning the support of their subject peoples? Why? The Spanish had done a better job then the Ottomans at earning the support of their subject peoples by showing greater political organization, less military influence, use of sea base travel and trade, and a higher effect of women in society. The Ottomans did have a great empire but the Spanish have proven to be a better society for people to live in. The Spanish have proven to do better then the Ottomans at political organization. The Spanish political organization was having a "strictly organized society, with one emperor that was considered a descendent of a sun god, royal family and peasants."1 The emperor had chose his administrators from among his sons. This means the royal family kept close because the descendent of each emperor was destined to become the next emperor. To…show more content…
In the Ottoman Empire the women had many restrictions when it came to public decisions. The role of women is one of the most significant arguments in the current day but how does each empire show the respect of women."Contemporary feminist scholars suggest that before the Conquest, Andean women could be leaders and warriors as well as wives and mothers."8 Even though the women weren 't exactly equal to men they could be leaders and warriors. This meant that the Inca empire had the chose to give women a opportunity at gender parallelism. This shows that the women in 1450-1650 had more opportunities than most women in the world at this time. The Spanish women were hard workers and had earned their right to have jobs and some women were wealthier then men but this was a very low
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