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During the very early 1900’s it had become very evident that America was a very strong world power. Events and changes around the world had changed the young nation and forced it to become more efficacious and active abroad. Events such as wars, uprising rebellions, interventions in other countries had transformed this once isolationist country into a super power. A major event that played a key role in the United States transition into a world power was the annexation of Hawaii. Another factor would be through the help of president Theodore Roosevelt and his “Big Stick” diplomacy. Additionally, the US victory in the Spanish-American war also helped us rise to power. In sum, America emerged into becoming a world power through the annexation …show more content…

They faced two main problems which would prevent them from achieving their goals. First of all, they were being taxed for all the imported sugar that was shipped to to the US. With this tariff law, the planters would potentially face problems regarding the loss of profit and decreasing sales. Secondly, the US planters did not have the support of the new successor of the Hawaiian monarchy. Queen Liliuokalani did not agree with the amount of power that these planters had in her country. Due to these conflicts, US planters had organized an overthrow of the queen by her own people. In 1893, the queen was overthrown and planters immediately asked for President Harrison to annex Hawaii. President Harrison however could not achieve congress approval of this annexation. The following president known as Grover Cleveland was not in much favor of annexing Hawaii. He had issued for there to be an investigation over if the Hawaiian civilians favored this annexation. The Hawaiians however did not favor for there to be an annexation and it was therefore not carried out. Later on, when President McKinley had entered the white house, he called for the immediate annexation of Hawaii. One of the main reasons to annex Hawaii was to have there be naval bases on it so the US could have a port near the Philippines during the Spanish-American war. With this new territory, the United States had expanded …show more content…

He had promoted a new kind of diplomacy, which aided the US in becoming a world power, it had been named “big stick” diplomacy. Through this diplomacy the president would rely on his military to help America reach its goals in Latin America. Theodore Roosevelt felt that it was the responsibility of the United States to uplift these weaker nations into civilized ones. With his new diplomacy at hand, Theodore had looked to the country of Panama to finish the Panama Canal. Before building the canal, the US had to aid Panama and liberate it from Colombia’s rule. The United States proved to be too big of a power for Colombia to go against so they easily handed over Panama. Although Theodore Roosevelt’s diplomacy seemed very militaristic and strict, he was a man of peace. His influence went as far as helping end the war between the Russians and Japanese. Another action that was taken was the updates that Theodore Roosevelt had for the Monroe Doctrine. These updates would help prevent military intervention in Latin America from any European nation. Through these actions, Theodore Roosevelt had proved how strong of a power the United States was. He had liberated a country and had created peace between two other world powers. The US had become a very strong force within Latin America as well as with Europeans who dared to intervene in the Western Hemisphere. In conclusion, through

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