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Demographics: Anastasia Padilla 19, Latina, Female.

Observations of therapist:
Behavior: Client is very jittery and shows to be struggling with concentrating as we speak. Her legs are shaking anxiously and she appears to be under great stress.

Presenting problems: Patient cannot deal with day to day life because she is so stressed about being separated from her parents.

Symptoms from Client: She say that she can barely sleep at night because the thought of not being with her parents doesn 't let her. She drives for 1hr every day just to go home even though she is a resident. During her Classes the client feels as if she needs to step outside of class multiple times just to call her parents and make sure that they are alright.
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HSe has only ever had two friends which were her neighbors so making friends is very hard for her because she is shy.

Family History: Her parents had another child before Anastasia but he died in a car accident in his preschool playground which is why her parents home schooled her. The mother suffers from anxiety and depression and her father suffers from anxiety but has never been treated for it.

Precipitating Event: The precipitating event as that she came to college away from home and her parents. Which is all she ever knew. But the patient has also stated that she has always felt like this which leans more towards it being biological.

Diagnoses: Anastasia has separation anxiety disorder.

Treatment plan: Meet with the patient once a week to have some CBT.

Immediate: Put her on SSRI’s that can help improve her separation anxiety.
Short Schedule her for once a week visit with CBT and then a few months in try and get her to do some group therapy and meet new people.
Long term: Try and see her once a month. And have her go to class without calling her parents and stressing out about the

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