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R/s right now Mr. Schubert is under observation status. R/s the hospital has to a complete a therapy evaluation on Mr. Schubert. Mr. Schubert is alert and oriented and sated that his daughter, Samantha is the one that said Mrs. Schubert is unable to care for him.

R/s on 12/20/2015, Ernest Schubert was sent by ambulance to the hospital with a note attached saying his wife, Donna Schubert is unable to care for him at home. R/s on 12/21/2015, Mr. Schubert was admitted for pain in his knees and swollen feet. R/s Mr. Schubert is diagnosed with anemia, chronic knee pain, hypertension, gout, and chronic back pain. R/s it was reported that Mrs. Schubert had gallbladder surgery a couple a weeks ago. R/s it was reported that Mr. Schubert

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