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R/s right now Mr. Schubert is under observation status. R/s the hospital has to a complete a therapy evaluation on Mr. Schubert. Mr. Schubert is alert and oriented and sated that his daughter, Samantha is the one that said Mrs. Schubert is unable to care for him. ALLEGATION R/s on 12/20/2015, Ernest Schubert was sent by ambulance to the hospital with a note attached saying his wife, Donna Schubert is unable to care for him at home. R/s on 12/21/2015, Mr. Schubert was admitted for pain in his knees and swollen feet. R/s Mr. Schubert is diagnosed with anemia, chronic knee pain, hypertension, gout, and chronic back pain. R/s it was reported that Mrs. Schubert had gallbladder surgery a couple a weeks ago. R/s it was reported that Mr. Schubert

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