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Background/history: Kiara is a 20 year old woman who currently lives with her Grandparents in South Hadley Massachusetts. She has a primary disability of Dandy-Walker malformation and secondary complications related to hydrocephalus. To address the associated problems with hydrocephalus, Kiara has undergone numerous operations implanting a shunt within the skull area to alleviate the build up of pressure. As a consequence of her condition, Kiara experiences, reading difficulties, processing delays, long and short term recall and has difficulty with her fine motor skills. This fall Kiara plans on attending Holyoke Community College with a vocational goal of receiving a degree in Finance. Kiara has been working with her MRC counselor to identify appropriate supports that could be implemented to help her be successful with her academic goals. For this reason, an…show more content…
Even though she is proficient in this area the ATS will place icons/shortcuts to Purple Math and Math TV which is available free online for support. Organization: To support Kiara with time management and organization; the ATS believes that the visual and auditory prompts provided by Google Calendar will help support her in this area. The ATS had Kiara sync her phone to her google account. The ATS showed Kiara how to create, edit and delete an appointment. Syncing the Google calendar with Kiara’s phone will help support her with scheduling tasks and appointments. Kiara expressed that she forgets where she parked her car. The ATS had Kiara install a free parking application onto her phone to help her in this area. Computer Access: Kiara has a laptop which is in good working condition. Kiara will need a copy of Microsoft Home and Student so she will be able to access Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel for her assignments. She will need a backpack style backpack to carry her laptop and books to and from

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