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Recovery Programs Perth Amboy What are recovery programs? Recovery programs are courses of treatment that bring the patient into a state of mindfulness regarding their addiction and help them to realize what effect substance abuse and addiction has had on their physical health, mental function, and emotional well-being. Recovery programs based on a 12-step approach feature elements of reconciling past behavior and errors in judgment, making amends to people that the addict has wronged, and help to form a new path that includes life-long recovery. Recovery programs conduct individual and group counseling sessions in addition to psychotherapeutic treatment. AA and NA 12-step meetings are also available that are a great source of community interaction where the addict can vent, listen to others, come to an understanding that they are not alone in their addiction, and continually…show more content…
Motivational interviewing is conducted through conversation, where the “interviewer” (therapist) guides the addict in conversation by asking questions that allow the patient to examine behaviors and explore why they lack the desire to change. Examples of supplemental treatment options: • Smart Recovery – Self Management and Recovery Training (SMART) is a four point, scientifically-based course of group sessions. The four points of the system include: Motivation, cravings, managing thoughts and behaviors, and balanced-living. • Individual counseling – Psychotherapeutic sessions that are held on an individual basis with a therapist. Individual therapy allows the patient to delve into deeper personal issues. The privacy of a one-on-one session encourages the patient to discuss past experiences, fear, and anxieties that they may not talk about in a group setting. Dual diagnosis components, if relevant, are addressed in individual sessions. Relapse prevention, stress, and personal triggers are

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