Apart Guiseppe's Accomplishments

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The Romantic Era was an artistic and scholarly evolution, which originated in Europe at the end of the 18th century. This era is best known for its emphasis on emotion and individualism. Throughout this time, fantasy and mystery took over the arts. Other trends throughout this time were the interest in nature and an interest in the bizarre cultures of the past. The popularity of music was soon growing and evolving. This expansion of music included a greater selection of timbre, and a greater use of chromaticism. Timbre, or tone color is defined as the quality of a musical note, sound, or tone that distinguishes different types of sound production. Tone allows a person to contrast a sound being composed by a specific instrument and to tell apart…show more content…
Guiseppe had many amazing milestones throughout his life. However, his greatest accomplishments are his works in Oberto, his first composition (1839), La Traviata, his most well known work (1853), and all his other great compositions which left a mark in history. An inspirational quote Verdi once said is the following "Of all composers, past and present, I am the least learned." This was because as a child, he lacked a strong education in music. His accomplishments were essentially out of his passion for the art. His family was very poor, and they could not aid him with musical studies. However, at the age of 13, a fellow street vendor, Antonio Barezzi, saw potential in him and took the young prodigy into his home to teach him. Once he was 18 years old, Barrezi sent Verdi to Milan to continue his studies and to try out for the conservatory ignoring the fact that, even if he achieved his goal, his age prohibited him from being admitted (maximum age: 14). He succeeded, but sadly did not join because of the age requirements, but he did remain in Milan to continue striving for his goal. Little did he know, that his hard work will lead to him becoming the most appreciated Italian composers of the Romantic Era. Guiseppe will always be remembered for unique operas and the impact that he left in the history of music. Throughout the rest of this report, you will learn about Guiseppe Verdi 's works in the opera through a whole new and more accurate
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