Apathy And Indifferences In The Stranger By Albert Camus

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I believe that apathy and indifference does not contribute positively towards productivity because having a lack of interest and no ambition does not help one to succeed in a long term goal. Even though apathy can lead to getting work done, it still is not working to someone 's advantage. In my opinion being apathetic and indifferent does not fulfill a long and purposeful life. This is because apathy has many negative connotations like low ambition, weak social life, and unhappiness. In The Stranger by Albert Camus, the protagonist, Meursault is a man who has each of these qualities, and lives a very boring and uninteresting life. When considering if happiness is real I think that it depends on the person and how they approach happiness. For example, some people are generally happy and try to live with a happy approach. Other people however try to act happy and use this to cover up the real problems that they have in their life. I see this a lot in society because there are many instances where people resort to happiness in order to escape their problems. In my research I found a quote by Thomas Szasz where he said “Happiness is an imaginary condition, formerly attributed by the living to the dead, now usually attributed by…show more content…
Also this source explains how apathetic people generally tend not to have goals in life, that they need to pursue. Having goals are important because it gives a sense of purpose in life and makes people work to their potential to accomplish their goals. In my opinion, I think hard work and thinking outside of the box leads to the most productivity and this article explains how apathetic people are afraid to take risks. I am still strong about my original views but the class discussion did help bring about some other points of
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