Apco Hyundai Case Study

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Apco Hyundai is one of the largest car showroom outlet in Kasargod district. They have many customers across particular geographic location. The project report was about to know the Market Potential of Apco Hyundai in Kasargod district. The study mainly emphasizes on the potential of the customers regarding the product and services provided by Apco Hyundai Kasargod. The study include collection of data from customers at Apco Hyundai. The principles of determining market potential is same for all geographical area. First determine customer profile and geographical size of the market. This is called the general market potential. Measuring the strength and number of competitors and then estimating the share of business will take from them and this will give you the market potential specific to enterprise Market potential is the capacity of location such as a country to become or to grow as a demander of goods and services that outside suppliers might provide. Different measures of market potential are provided especially for emerging economies, intended as guides to export and foreign direct investment. The participating respondents include in Kasargod District. The research instrument used for data collection is questionnaire. The result of this study is explained and interpreted with the help of chi-square test and various charts. CHAPTER – 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 INTRODUCTION This

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