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An Apgar score is a number that is based on an assessment of a newborn's condition right after birth. A baby's Apgar score helps the baby's health care provider:
To decide whether the baby needs extra medical care.
To determine the baby's response to care that is given.
Babies are usually given two Apgar scores. The first scoring is calculated at 1 minute after birth, and the second scoring is calculated at 5 minutes after birth. Sometimes, a third scoring is calculated at 10 minutes after birth.
What is the Apgar scoring system?
A baby's Apgar score is based on an assessment of the following characteristics:
Appearance refers to the color of your baby's skin. Your baby will be given:
2 points if the skin is a normal
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Your baby will be given:
2 points if he or she is actively moving the arms and legs.
1 point if the arms are curled up and the legs are bent but the baby is not actively moving them.
0 points if he or she is limp or floppy.
Respiration, or respiratory effort, refers to a baby's breathing. Your baby will be given:
2 points if he or she is crying and breathing well.
1 point if breathing is slow or weak.
0 points if he or she is not breathing.
The baby's Apgar score is the total number of points that he or she is given.
What does my baby's Apgar score mean?
An Apgar score of 7 or higher is considered normal. It also means that the baby usually only needs routine care. A score of 6 or lower means that the baby needs some type of medical assistance. It is more common for some babies, especially babies who are born prematurely or by cesarean delivery, to have a lower Apgar score. A score that is low at 1 minute often improves when the assessment is done again at 5 minutes.
The Apgar score helps your baby's health care provider to make decisions about what type of care your baby needs after birth. The score does not predict how healthy your baby will be in the future.
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