Aphasia Case Study

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A case study of Aphasia
Aphasia : - The loss of the ability to understand or produce speech because of brain damage.

An Introduction of Aphasia:- Aphasia is the impairment of language abilities following brain damage. This damage may be the result of tumor, trauma, infection or accident being referred to as a stroke. The linguistic sciences directly connected with mind and psychological behavior. The linguistic expression of a man depends many times on the mental states. Such as a love, anger, hurled, surprise, distress – all have a deep effect on language sometimes the language especially speech loses its control which means the mental state is expressed disease also depends on the specific type of speech. The focus of an aphasic disability is definitely on the problems of expression and comprehension in a grammar and semantics whether in LSRW or singing, but these problems related closely to difficulties of a conversation, dialogue, speech, proper sounds.
Reasons of Aphasia:- In our body heart and brain are main subordinate parts. The heart has pumping supplying blood; and brain was controlled whole part of the body. This brain is totally dependent on the oxygen conveyed by its blood supply, brain cells not works it will die. They aphasia affected certain different incidents:-
1. Fatty cholesterol deposits
2. Smoking
3. Diet
4. Lack of exercise
5. Stroke
6. A head injury
7. Surgery to remove a tumor
8. The herpes simplex virus
9. Dementia
10. Neurological disorder

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