Aphrodesia Book Report

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Can you give us a short introduction to what Aphrodesia is about? Aphrodesia is set in the world of perfumes and centers on a fragrance that is a powerful aphrodisiac — the Holy Grail of the perfumer’s art. Eric Foster, a perfume student who created the fragrance, sees fame and fortune on his horizon, until he is kicked out of the world’s top perfume school for a theft he did not commit. Eric now slogs through a mind-numbing job in New York City. The only bright light in his life is a non-paying consultancy with the NYPD as a forensic smell expert. When he is called to a crime scene, his whole life changes. It’s the latest of four passion-driven homicides, and the only link is a perfume called SF. He immediately recognizes the aphrodisiac…show more content…
Old English Sheepdogs are mercilessly cute — “babe magnets,” if you’re a guy looking for girls. And that’s one of the roles Bentley plays for the burn-scarred hero of Tepui. Incidentally, Elfie has her own Facebook page and more than 350 “friends.” Aphrodesia is a very thought provoking book. What would you want readers to take away from this book? Beyond a riveting story (I hope) the power of scent and an appreciation of all the smells that influence us daily, from laundry softener to fine perfumes. A recent reviewer wrote, “Never thinking I'd enjoy a book about PERFUME making, I was stunned. Interesting, provocative, fast-paced, romantic.” What was the most challenging part of creating Aphrodesia? For me, plot is always the most challenging. Many authors think that’s the easiest part. And I admit I always remember characters more than plot. But I still want a plot with twists and turns, and creating that always occupies a huge amount of my time. What are you working on right now? I’m working on a story about an ancient book that could alter our perception of fundamental religious “truths.” Yeah, I know, it sounds like Dan Brown. But I’m striving to make it
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