Aphrodite-Personal Narrative

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The cheesecake constellation feels like it was made just yesterday wait, it was made yesterday it had the biggest tragedy of my life, a lady was acting like she was Aphrodite. It all started with a boring day at GCA well, it was a smidge less boring. Everyone in 5th hour Social Studies is taking a test then, we hear a loud burp it was so loud the walls started shaking, then Mr. Johnson and Mr.TacoGrape go outside and see if there is something wrong, but they only found 3 mirrors and 19 makeup bags that have the name Aphrodite on all of them. Then someone yells “There is a mystery to be solved!” So after class, it was lunch and everyone comes and see a random lady eating 10 pieces of cheesecake and is claiming that she is Aphrodite. Everyone was believing her…show more content…
Merrill is teaching we hear that familiar burp, it came from Aphrodite then a person yells “Aphrodite would not burp like that she is the goddess of love and beauty, she is a fake!” The lady replies, “It does not mean we can not burp!” Then everyone is silent and Mr. Merrill goes back to teaching and Aphrodite goes to the front of the classroom, put Italian music and starts to salsa dance. In a few minutes, the music is on full blast and three-quarters of the class is salsa dancing and doing the macarena then the whole school is exempt for me. After I take a case of cheesecake and throw it at Aphrodite and then gets a black eye. Everyone stops dancing and go back to where they were before. A few minutes later a lady that is glowing and beautiful appears and says “I am the real Aphrodite, and I was the one making all the people disappear!” The real Aphrodite takes a shoe and a magical mirror and throws it at the lady then, she turns into a large cheesecake. Aphrodite gives each person a piece and tells everyone to smash this at night to make a constellation in the sky. After that, she explained that this constellation means to not trust everyone you
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