My Aphrodite: A Short Story

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Aphrodite. She was my Aphrodite. She will always be my Aphrodite, or maybe you could decide cause I would still be worshipping her at dawn when I am awake just to cry myself to sleep or even now, when I lay myself to death. Arch Tompson. The name looked well on me, as it should be. The family who adpoted me was the owner of Europe’s biggest biotech firm. I had the coolest sister ever, and she was also adopted. What a generous wealthy family who easily adopt kids just like people adopt stray dogs. I could buy the whole Lismore if I wanted to. I should propably did. My life was as perfect as a spoiled prince you see in movies. Just like when I finally met her. It was Summer in a paradise right under the hell. The heat got me half alive but the…show more content…
The top two activities done by my mom ever since she was alive, I guess. Maybe Cleo told her, or even taught her since Dreena slept in Cleo’s room. Girls talks. Everything was fine, and again, the possibility to end my story happily was there, so close for me to reach. As you could guess, my world turned upside down. My family’s company was corrupted and it made my dad really sick. Couldn’t stand the fall of his achievement, he left us, not even in peace. My mom was so heartbroken, all she did was crying all day and night. My sister and I had gotten the access to the company long time ago, we tried to fix the mess but it was hard. I was sitting alone in the couch, waiting for my girls to come home from the market. My eyes flew to the box contained me and Dreena’s memories. It would help me to reduce the tension, so I opened it and my smile directed to one of the poems she wrote. I actually found this in her bag, maybe she was shy to give it directly since the poem was so passionate and sexual. I read words by words, being stressed out got me paying attention to details. Something was not right about the poem. Something I did not see before. My lungs filled with tensions. When I drown my heart over your beating
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