Aphrodite: The Main Causes Of The Trojan War

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Aphrodite was the most beautiful goddess to live. She is the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation (Simon). The name Aphrodite means “born of the foam” (Wilkinson 38). She was beautiful in terms of looks, but her personality was rather damaged because she was said to be weak and was offended easily (Simon). Aphrodite was a promiscuous goddess, and had multiple affairs with many gods and mortals. This caused her to be unfaithful to many of her lovers. She used her powers to help men charm women with a love spell (Simon). Aphrodite was also one of the main causes of the start of the Trojan War. She was exchanged a golden apple that would make her the most fairest goddess. She promised Paris eternal love from Helen, who was already…show more content…
One source says that she was a descendent of Zeus and Dione, which makes her a second generation Olympian goddess (Simon). Another source says she is the daughter of Uranus and Gaia (Wilkinson 39). No matter what source the information is coming from, Aphrodite is always referenced or depicted as being born as an adult (Simon). The most poetical version of her birth was when Uranus was wounded by his son Cronus, his blood mixed with the foam of the sea as the bubbling waters at once assumed a rosy tint, and from the depths of the sea arose, in all beauty, Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty (Berens 55). The water droplets rolled down off of her into the beautiful seashell in which she stood, and transformed into pure glistening pearls (Berens 55). She is also always referred to being apart of the Olympian gods and was apart of the family on Mount…show more content…
As proven by her actions in myth and her appearance in art, Aphrodite was truly an influential goddess. It is claimed that without Aphrodite there would be no joy or loveliness in the world. She was a misunderstood goddess but she deserves appreciation as one of the most powerful and important Greek deities. She produced many children from her many affairs with gods and mortals. Zeus had to solve many complications Aphrodite had with other goddesses. She seemed to always get into arguments about other people that she fell in love with but another goddess was in love with him too. Many artists have made statues and paintings in honor of her which has changed people's perspective of her. The goddess of love, beauty, and fertility and protector of sailors was unloyal to many people and was involved with the start of the Trojan
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