Advanced Practice Nursing Case Study

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According to our case presentation I am going to discuss in this assignment the difference between specialty nurses and advanced practice nurse (APN) in my clinical setting. What are the positive changes that an APN can contribute to nursing practice in peri-anesthesia and discuss about the issues and challenges, moreover, discussing the difference between APNs in Singapore and United state of America (U S A). APN is a registered nurse who is expert in her clinical area with knowledge base, decision-making skills and clinical competencies (Singapore Nursing Board,2014). Master of nursing program started at National University of Singapore in 2003. At the year of 2006 established APNs registration and nine certified APNs successfully registered…show more content…
In Singapore only NUS provides a general clinical internship program for APNs. Lack of opportunities to practice certain skills due to knowledge deficit. And may be this deficit fail them to answer the questions from peers, the public, and other healthcare workers and lead them stress especially in newly graduated APN’s. No prescriptive authority. In Singapore APNs are no autonomy to prescribe medication and do certain procedures like intubation, insertion of central venous pressure line etc. They are having low level of autonomy and empowerment in patient care. In opinion of APN Jessica Yu, APNs are allowed only make changes and suggestions in the case note but not in the electronic system. Doctor need to verify changes and suggestions. In many areas the APNs can not work individually and they supervised by anesthetist. Autonomy is the freedom to make discretionary and binding decisions consistent with one’s scope of practice (Lewis,2006). Other challenge an APN is gaining trust and building rapport in health care team. Multi cultural language and culture difference affect to the effective communication with patients and their families. Role of Identity can not maintain because of lack of knowledge by staff and department managers on the role of an…show more content…
They can update their knowledge by reading journals for evidence based practice, and participate and conduct research. In my opinion give more awareness to the public that, how an APN will manage patient’s care, diagnosis, treatment to a patient through special workshop, group discussions and media publicity. Make special arrangements in clinic setting through that APNs can promote health awareness, treat and diagnosis for simple cases. All these make patient to increase their confidence and trust on APNs. Moreover, all these helps patient to shortening the waiting time in clinic to consult doctors during their routine visit especially in polyclinic. To build up a good interpersonal relation with doctors and other peers to involve more external activities like gathering for dinner, or any non professional activities to reduce stress and improve confident and good relation ship. The success of an APN role only complete by development of positive relationship with the health care team (Kannusamy,
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