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The role of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) in high quality health care has been identified as critical role. APRNs have a vital place in the health care system, which means students need a relevant and valuable knowledge as well as experience to improve their abilities. As a future APRN, I place high priority on life-long learning and the development of health care providers skills set. Because of my dedication to excellence and selflessness; I will improve the capabilities of any APRN or health care professional, and I will strive to understand the new disclosures can be discovered every day, and become a strong leader.
This course has helped me develop personally, and professionally to be an effective APRN. At the personal level
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This awareness will allow me to be a stronger APRN. I will apply the scope of practice changes as guidelines for future policy changes. For example, I am definitely going to use the organizational analysis tools, strategic planning, and some of the models of change to make a convincing plan for APRN establishment in Saudi Arabia. In addition, this course will enable me to understand the specific APRN roles in better detail and align my licensure goals with the responsibilities expected of each role. This course required me to Share the vision, mission and goal with my team to establish a great teamwork throughout the course and in the final project, which I really benefited from. As an international student, this course provided insight in to leadership, and it’s different components, and the different leadership experiences that one can have in different cultures as a nurse practitioner. The course provided me with multiple opportunities to learn and practice my leadership skills in life, and work setting. Being a leader is much more than just holding a respected post or having an authoritative position in a certain company or organization. Learning about different leadership models in different cultures, and the different parts of leadership model have made me more capable to understand the type of leadership I need to exhibit in different situations. I learned the importance of being a compassionate leader and I want a leadership model that is based on rules and aspirations which are based on the general good of the public and the culture. Using discussions in canvas as a teaching method offered me a chance to think critically. As I establish a rapport with students, and instructors I can demonstrate that I appreciate their contributions at while challenging me to think more deeply and to articulate ideas more
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