Apocalypse Now Journey

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It was in 2015, during a cold spring evening when I started to watch a movie by Francis Ford Coppola called “Apocalypse Now”. I don’t know what made me watch this film, I don’t remember the reason and I don’t regret forgetting it. The movie take me on a long journey to the times of the Vietnam War, where everyone was paralyzed, mortally wounded, or dead. Something in my mind kept whispering that it is my journey through the dark and gloomy forests, which tried to hide the sorrow and the death in the tranquility of the trembling and bleak leaves of the trees. It is my “journey to the end of the night”, to the end of all possible living creatures, which led to a new heavenly creation of the first men. These people were dancing in the softness of divine and undefiled temples, celebrating myths of Gods and men, sacrificing flesh on the altar of justice and waiting for peace, which shall come down as if a grace from the heaven. Journey which told about the mirth of people who celebrated the peace and the wretched bodies and minds of those who were endlessly in…show more content…
My eyes were open wide during every second of that 3 hour long “journey”, a “journey” after which nothing appeared the same to my soul and my mind. I felt like something mysterious stood between the screen and me while I sat watching the movie. I am not sure, but it may be the presence of death, which always lingers in the anthropomorphic world of war and temporary peace. My room became a battlefield where I started to fight against my past self for which wars were just games. My new consciousness became dominant as the movie faded in and out under the haunting melodies and songs of The Doors. The point of “apocalypse” emerged for me, a point where nothing has meaning and everything is covered with vague certainty, a point which would still be meaningless if not explained by
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