Apocalypses In Fido

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The film Fido is based after the zombie apocalypse were the people have rebuilt society. ZomCon has fought the dead and created a safe area to live. Along with that, they have created technology to "domesticate" the zombies as workers and pets for humans. This film focuses on Fido, zombie of Helen and Bill Robinson, and how their son, Timmy, grows and attachment to Fido because Fido is more of a father figure to Timmy than Bill is. Throughout the film it shows how the zombies are treated. The director is comparing the zombies to slaves by how the zombies were treated and controlled by people, how they were seen, and how the people reacted when there was a personal connections with the zombies. By these things it also has an underlying meaning…show more content…
When it comes to Mr. Bottoms and his family, the zombies were seen and property and nothing more than workers. Mr. Bottoms states, "I'd take Dee Dee's head off in a second if I had to" talking about if his wife turned into a zombie. He also states "don’t let them get too close it makes it harder to pull the trigger" (Fido). When talking about family turning into zombies, this shows that Mr. Bottoms sees zombies as nothing more than creatures, but when it comes to his family he knows that they were once a loved one but still has to kill them. In this movie zombies are very often seen as property. This is shown by Helen when she's talking to Bill about Fido when they first get him. She states "isn't it wonderful now we aren't the only ones on the street without one" along with "the neighbors, everyone else has one except for us"(Fido). This shows that the zombies are seen as "things" and property and people are judged based on having them or not.
This relates to how slaves were seen in the 17th–19th century because then slaves had no basic human rights they were property people would trade and buy them. Slaves were seen as a value the more you had the higher class you were, and the more free work you had done. Although some people see them as pets, or family people like Timmy and Mr. Theopolis. Timmy sees Fido as a friend or father figure because he has no one else. While
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He did this by he way he portrayed the zombie , he made the zombies out to be slaves but controlling them with colors, and makes the characters not care for them, but to only care that the zombies were there for a service to them. He made the characters in the movie see the zombies as a thing, or piece of property. The zombies were seen only as workers and to show people had money. The last way he made the meaning of the movie about slaves was how people reacted anytime there was a personal connection to the zombies. Anytime someone would treat them as more than a dead worker they were frowned upon or seen as strange. At the end of the movie the zombies are seen as friends and family and are no longer there to work for the humans the are treated as if they were people. this also eventually happened with slaves they fought until they were seen as equal and had the same rights as the white
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