Apollo 11: Moon Analysis Project

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Alexandra Quintero Quintero 1 Mrs. Swetland AP Language and Composition 30 September 2015 Moon Analysis Project The Apollo 11 reached the moon 's surface 46 years ago with Neil Armstrong and his fellow astronauts Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin on board. This was the mission that landed the first humans on the moon. In just eight days, those three men became a part of one of mankinds greatest accomplishments. After this momentous event, many writers, speakers, and artists expressed in their own way, what had happened as well as their own personal thoughts and opinions on the mission. "Man Takes First Steps on the Moon" found in a special edition of The Times, focuses on informing the audience of the details and facts of the moon landing as well as its political…show more content…
These four pieces have both important similarities and differences. While all of these texts appeal to pathos in one way or another, the context of each one is different. In, "Man Takes First Steps on the Moon" while there is an appeal to pathos, there is a stronger appeal to logos and the explanation of facts. In the speech, "In Event of Moon Disaster" it strongly appeals to pathos and tries to help people feel optimistic and pushes further exploration of space even if a nation disaster had ensued. Next, in the commentary by Ayn Rand, it appeals to pathos and attempts to show the greatness of man-kind. However, in the political cartoon, "Transported" exhibits a strong pathos as well, but it shows that though man may have been successful in landing on the moon, it did not solve any problems here on earth. Each one of these pieces are strong and effective in their rhetorical appeals, making up in one area where they may have lacked in another. All four give very important opinions and views, whether similar or different, on a very complicated time as well as a time of one of the most impressive accomplishments man-kind
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