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Did America really land on the Moon in 1969? In 1969 a spacecraft went up to the moon. But did it actually happen? Many people believe it did, but some don’t. I’m going to tell you about this subject and persuade you to see this topic how I see it. My opinion on the Apollo 11 moon landing is that is did happen. I believe this because of evidence I have looked at. The evidence came from many credible sources including information convincing you that is was real, and convincing you is was faked from, College professors, NASA workers, and later trips to the moon from different countries including, the USA. If you believe that the moon landings were faked I have evidence that disproves that theory. Bill Kaysing claims that the rockets…show more content…
But what totally obliterates this information is that a spacecraft did get sent up with no malfunctions or mechanical errors. The second piece of evidence of why I think the theory that says Apollo 11 didn’t go to the moon is wrong is, that Neil Armstrong wasn’t the first man on the moon. The evidence says this because Neil Armstrong was filmed getting out of the craft. So who filmed him? I think a drone filmed him. My first reason to believe that the Apollo 11 moon landing was real is, over 400,000 people, and it took 10 years to make so why would you waste millions of dollars on a spacecraft and not use it for what it’s purpose is. My second piece of information is the Apollo 11 was being tracked by the Soviet Union by satellite. The United States of America was in space race with the Soviet Union to get a man on the moon. If the Americans didn’t make it to the moon the Russians would have told everybody that we didn’t. The third piece of evidence is that Japan took pictures in 2009 of the the places where Apollo 11 landed on the moon. So that is proof that we landed on the moon. The picture had the place where the Eagle landed, this proves that the eagle made it on the

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