Apollo 11 Pros And Cons

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MOON LANDING’S There is a huge controversy today about the United States of America landing on the moon. Many people believe that Neil Armstrong did not land on the moon, they believe it was a hoax. Others believe that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin really made it to the moon. 1969 is when people believe Apollo 11 made it to the moon. Apollo 1 through 10 were unsuccessful. I believe that Apollo 11 really went to the moon because other countries were tracking America’s progress and Apollo 11. I believe the Moon landings were real but, many people say it was fake because the flag was blowing in the picture or there are no stars in the background. There are explanations for those like the flag was stored in a round tube on the rocket and…show more content…
The race was going on during the war but that is when the technology was advanced enough to get someone to the moon. In about 1961 everyone knew there was a race to get to the moon. There were millions to billions of people watching the rocket takeoff. If that was that is a huge secret half of America would have to keep. You know that time your friend told your little secret well this secret is a lot bigger. So half of America could not keep a secret that big. Some people say that the film used in the camera on the Moon should have melted but scientist could have used a cover for it. If the astronauts made it to Moon and they didn’t melt, then the material used for their suit could have been used to make a cover for the film. The people who don’t believe the landings were real, think the radiation ring around the Moon is too strong for astronauts to survive. The rocket was flying so fast and the rocket could have protected the astronauts. Some people believe that the landing are fake because Neil was filmed stepping on to the Moon but no one knows who filmed him. Buzz Aldrin probably filmed him. Maybe Buzz was floating connected to a rope a never touched the Moon. Maybe he was filmed from the

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